Bulk natural stone orders.

Natural stone orders of 30 tons or more.

Occasionally, we get requests for large quantities of boulders to be delivered. While we are more than happy to fill these orders, there are a few logistical challenges involved, and so we have created this document to help answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that every delivery goes smoothly, and that the products received are the products that were expected.

We would like to clarify that we are here referring to orders of boulders that are 30 tons. These are orders large enough that we will ship the product directly from the quarry to your jobsite. Any order smaller than these are pulled from stock we have in our yard.

There are a few particulars that require clarification when dealing with a delivery of this sort:

Product:  You are not able to view all of the stone in person until it is delivered. There are samples available in our yard for you to view the colour and sizes and general appearance of the stones, but the stone delivered to your jobsite will be loaded at the quarry and delivered without you being able to inspect and view every stone.

Sizing: While we do our best to get the desired dimensions and quantities required for your project, there is a general variation of about 20% when it comes to the sizes of delivered product. When you are selecting product, we will let you know the size ranges that they are available in, so you know what to expect on delivery day.

Drop Site Requirements: The stone will be delivered in a very large end dump truck, which simply dumps the boulders out onto the ground. Product will not be palletized. This means that we need very open access to the property. To avoid damage, the trucks will not cross driveways or sidewalks.

Road Bans: It is the customers responsibility to inform us about road bans ahead of time. If you are unsure of a road ban, you can check the Rocky View County website here.

Returns: There are no returns or refunds for these orders. Once they are on the ground on site they are the responsibility of the customer.

Pallets: If the product is required on pallets, the original quoted amount will change. Bringing an entire truck of boulders into our yard, sorting them, palletizing them, weighing each pallet, loading them onto our truck, delivering the stones, and offloading them on site requires much more work than delivering straight from the quarry and having them dumped on site. As such, the cost of the stones rises to standard retail rates, and a $15/ton charge applies for palletizing them.