Can I order multiple items at once?

Only product in Landscape Bags and pallets can be delivered at the same time.

With The Landscape Bag you can have multiple different products delivered at the same time. We can put quantities as small as .25 of a yard in Landscape Bags, so you can order the exact amount of different materials that you need to complete your project. This is the perfect option if you are completing a patio or walkway project that requires aggregate material such as base prep and levelling sand, as well as paving stones that are delivered on pallets. It is also the ideal option if you are working on multiple projects throughout your yard, such as garden beds that require soil and mulch and side yards requiring a decorative rock. 

We cannot deliver more than 1 variety of loose product at a time due to the limitations of our delivery trucks. Similarly, we cannot deliver loose product and palletized product at the same time. If you prefer not to have Landscape Bags delivered, you will need to pay a separate delivery fee for separate delivery trucks. 

Our flat deck delivery is a flat rate cost of $175 and includes up to 10 bags and pallets.