Do I need landscape fabric?

You want to enjoy your flower gardens, and your freshly mulched front garden. We understand. The best line of defense against weeds is understanding how they arrive, how they grow, and how to remove them.

Weeds are an obnoxious fact of life, and they require a lot of attention to get rid of. Unfortunately, there is nothing that is going to stop weeds from appearing just about anywhere in your yard. They are ‘weeds’ after all. Seeds from weeds are blown around in the wind until they land, and if there is any soil or organic material where they land, they will try to grow. And as we all know, they grow very well. We’ve seen weeds grow out of piles of rocks in our yard – places where no plant should grow! If we weren’t so busy getting frustrated with them, we would stand in awe at their tenacity.

When starting a new garden or rock bed, you want to take a look at the existing soil. Are there weeds growing in the existing soil you are building on top of? If there are, laying down fabric on top of them will only prevent you from seeing them. They are still living underneath the soil, waiting until they are strong enough to burst through your fabric. The best defense is to spray those weeds with a sufficient amount of weed killer, allow them to dry out and die, and then lay your fabric down and start building your garden.

We now supply our very own CLS Landscape Supply branded landscape fabric! Our new fabric is cheaper than ever, but is still the same great quality you’ve come to know and expect. We carry 2 different styles of landscape fabric, Geotex 4400 and Needlepunch 5000.

Geotex 4400 is a 4.4oz contractor grade fabric. It is made up of a tight-knit woven geotextile fabric which provides excellent breathability and permeability without sacrificing fabric strength. Geotex 4400 can be used for all general applications and works best in applications where drainage is key. These rolls are either 50' or 100' in length and come in widths of 3', 4', and 6'.

Needlepunch 5000 is a 5oz contractor grade fabric. It is a needle punched and felt backed fabric which provides unmatched quality and durability. Needlepunch 5000 should be used when you absolutely want the best weed protection, and water drainage is not an issue. These rolls are 250' long and come in widths of 3', 4', 5', 6', and 8'.

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