Do I need to seal and protect my paving stones?

Properly installed pavers will last for a significant time. While sealing is not necessary, some people prefer the appearance of sealed stones, and the peace of mind that the sealing can provide.

Sealing your paving stones provides three great outcomes:

  • It protects the colour in the pavers from fading from sunlight
  • Enhances the colour of the pavers. Most pavers have a blend of colours throughout the concrete mix, and sealing them enhances those colours and makes the blend more vibrant.
  • Sealing protects the paving stones from stains. Cleanup from accidents is made easier by a sealer acting as a barrier between the spill and the paving stones.

If you wish to apply a sealer to your paving stones, it is highly recommended that you wait 1 year after installation. This is because of efflorescence, which is when the naturally occurring salts in the stones are brought to the surface through evaporation. This results in a white haze building up on the tops of the stones, which you want to avoid trapping in by sealing those stones too quickly. For best results, you also want to sweep and wash the area, and pull weeds in your patio or sidewalk prior to sealing.