Do you have product to look at on site?

Yes, we do!

All of our mulch and aggregate products can be found at our Bearspaw yard, please contact our Cochrane office 403-851-0900 for their current offerings.

For hardscaping projects, we carry products from Barkman and Belgard. There are a lot of products offered between the two manufacturers, and we do stock a large assortment of the most popular products. As well, both of our yards are equipped with display boards from the manufacturers that we carry, and catalogues that you can browse through at your leisure. Our Bearspaw yard even has a patio, garden boxes, and fireplaces built out of some of the products we carry, so you can see them installed!

Natural stone products are all stored at our Bearspaw yard. If you’re interested in checking out what natural stone you can drop by during our operating hours and we’d be happy to show you our selection. 

The staff at both of our locations are knowledgeable and friendly, so please feel free to stop by one of our two locations and browse the product offerings. We would be more than happy to help you with your project.