How much does a boulder weigh?

This one is easier to figure out than you think!

While we weigh each individual stone before it leaves the yard, we have a trick to help us calculate how much a particular stone weighs before we put it on our scale. It doesn’t give us the exact weight of a stone, but we can get you pretty close.

Typically, one cubic foot of stone weighs 165lbs. Therefore, a stone with the dimensions 12”x12”x12” would weigh 165lbs.

We can use this calculation to help you quantify the weight of one stone, but we also use this calculation when determining how much is needed for a large stone wall. With the natural stone that we carry, the height of a stone is relative to the depth, and then the lengths will vary. So, as long as you know the length and height of the wall, and the desired height of the individual stones you would like to use, we can help you calculate the weight and subsequent cost of material for your wall.

These boulders are heavy, so we are more than happy to help you get that stone home! If you would like to stop by our location at 30034 Township Road 254B in Bearspaw you can view the stones that we have available and our staff will help you choose the right ones for your project. Once the stones are weighed up we will give you a call, take payment over the phone, and schedule your delivery at a time convenient to you.