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What is a landscape design and why you should have one.

Why do I need a landscape design?

Often when we start to think of our dream backyard, we consider all of the aspects that we want to include – plants, a fireplace, a small garden wall, a built in BBQ station – but we have a hard time envisioning how all of those would come together as a final project. This is where a little bit of professional help comes in handy. Landscape designers have an extensive knowledge of how to incorporate colours, materials, textures, and material into a backyard of any size.

As with any well executed project, the key is to always start with a clear plan. A landscape plan ultimately provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with our team, explore and evaluate different materials and options, and create a design which achieves your project goals and maintains your budget. Starting with a landscape plan will provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect during construction, gives the construction team clear direction to follow throughout the project, and ensures that everyone is on the same page with knowing and understanding your desired end goal to make the project successful.

Packages and Pricing Information

There is a high level of detail and care taken in constructing a landscape design, and as such, there is a cost to the service.

Design costs will vary based upon your overall needs and requirements for your landscape projects. We offer a Do-It Yourself package that starts at $500 which is tailored to creating a simple and clear design which you can follow and construct yourself. This DIY package offering includes a site meeting at your property, a black and white to-scale drawing of your design, and a written list of materials and plants included in the drawing.

If your landscape needs require more details and specifics, we offer a variety of packages ranging from $650 up to $2500, which provide many layers and levels of construction details and landscape plan components. Please reference our Design Packages for specific details.

With any of our design packages, you will ultimately receive a detailed landscape plan which includes the required information to successfully construct your project. Work typically begins with a concept drawing to work through and explore some initial ideas, and then develop that based upon what you like or dislike. On the final drawings, you will see a detailed landscape plan with all of the specific materials for your project, as well as material take off lists which include plant material sizes and quantities, as well as area quantities to help when ordering products. On larger plans, we get into specific construction details, which thoroughly explain how to build the desired feature. These details will vary based upon each project, however they are always at a level in which they can be followed and constructed easily.

What does the design process entail?

The first step in any of our designs and packages is the initial questionnaire. This questionnaire is structured in a way as to begin the process of getting to know you and your family. The questionnaire is intended to share insight into what is important to you and your family, how you see using the space and the purpose of exploring a new design, and ultimately what features that you are interested in. Once completed, it is requested that your questionnaire be sent back to our design team, and they will be in contact to schedule the next steps.

The process will vary slightly based upon which design package you choose, however each package begins with the initial questionnaire. This is then followed up with a consultation phone call to discuss details and to schedule the initial site meeting and analysis. During this first meeting, it gives us the opportunity to begin getting to know you and your family personally, review your questionnaire together, as well as gather site information that will be specific and important to your design. From there we begin creating designs together, and will have subsequent meetings to review the design ideas and ultimately create your plan together.

If you have any further questions about landscape designs, please reach out to our office at 403-239-0600 or Contact Us through the website.