Natural stone FAQs.

The following information is provided to assist customers with product selection and estimating. These numbers are approximations based on our experience with the stone, and information provided to us by suppliers. This information is not to be taken as an exact. We will always weigh natural stone when it leaves the yard to ensure that weights are accurate. Remember to always add 5-10% to your estimate to account for cuts, variation in stones, etc.

Flagstone: Flagstone can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Smaller pieces are generally classified as Patio grade flagstone, and larger pieces are classified as Oversized flagstone. Flagstone can vary in thickness from 1” to 3” thick but generally 2” is the most common thickness. The coverage for flagstone will vary depending on the size of joints between the stones.

1” Flagstone: 1 ton covers an area of 120 square feet

2” Flagstone: 1 ton covers an area of 80 square feet

Boulders: Typically, one cubic foot of stone weighs 165lbs. Therefore, a stone with the dimensions 12”x12”x12” would weigh 165lbs. We use this calculation for both boulders and for calculating large stone walls.

Ledgestone: Ledgestone can be ordered in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-3” tall all the way up to 12” tall. Generally, the height of a piece of ledgestone gives the depth of it as well. All ledgestone products have parallel tops and bottoms to ensure they are easy to stack. Face feet = wall face footage.  

1-3” Ledgestone: 1 ton covers 20 face feet

3-5: Ledgestone: 1 ton covers 20 face feet

6-10: Ledgestone: 1 ton covers 12-15 face feet

6-10” Cut Ledgestone: 1 ton covers 16-18 face feet

Aggregates and Ground Covers: The weights of ground covers can vary greatly depending upon the amount of moisture in them; they weigh considerably more in the days following a rain than they do when they are dry. Always check the load capacity in your vehicle before filling, and never fill beyond that capacity, regardless of if it appears that you can fit more in your vehicle.

Aggregate Weight
Gravels and sand 2600-3000 lbs per cubic yard
Decorative Rock 2600-3000 lbs per cubic yard
Mulches 400-800 lbs per cubic yard
Soil and soil conditioners 1200-2000 lbs per cubic yard
One cubic yard of aggregates covers 100 square feet at a depth of 3”