What are the patterns that I can use for my patio?

Not only does the colour, size, and texture of your pavers change the overall look you are hoping to achieve with your outdoor space, the pattern in which you lay the stones down should be considered carefully.

While there are a few standard patterns that can be used by some pavers, a lot of paving stones come with individual patterns that can be made using their specific sizes.

Stones that are sold in a 3 or 4 piece assortment are generally laid in a modular pattern which incorporates the stones in their respective sizes and quantities. These patterns can be found on the websites of the respective websites of the manufacturers, and we can direct you to some sample laying patterns when you speak with us about your project.

Herringbone is a classic pattern for walkways and patio. This pattern can be accomplished by using a paving stone that is one uniform size, such as a 4×8 Holland or Roman. A running bond pattern can be used if the stones share a common length. A running bond pattern has the pavers running end on end in rows. Basketweave can also be achieved when using pavers that are all the same size, such as 4x8s, which are arranged into squares.

One pattern you may want to avoid is a stack bond, where the stones are laid directly on top of each other and side by side, creating running bonds both horizontally and vertically. This tends to be the least visually appealing, and can result in the most heaving and shifting, as the stones are not supporting each other and holding each other in place as well as they would be if the bonds are staggered.

Keep in mind that some paving stone patterns require more cuts than others, and the design of the patio or sidewalk will influence cuts as well. Generally, a pattern laid on a 45% angle will utilize the most cuts, while a running bond or a square pattern will utilize the least.

You also want to take in account any borders you would like around your project. Not only does a border allow you to visually break up the new space you have created, it allows you the chance to incorporate different colours and textures into your project in small enough quantities that they are not overwhelming. Perhaps you love the look of cobble walkways but don’t want the rugged texture throughout your entire patio. Putting in a border of cobble pavers in a darker colour could be the perfect accent for your backyard patio. You can even lay your border further inset in your patio for an even more striking design. 

Barkman patterns can be found in their specification guide.

Expocrete patterns can be found on their website.