Why should I choose paving stones over poured concrete?

First and foremost, when it comes to cost poured concrete is often cheaper to install, but the costs can balance out when maintenance and repairs are taken into account.

Aesthetically, poured concrete will show cracks, even if you have a patterned or brushed surface, and those cracks are virtually impossible to repair without it being obvious. Paving stones can occasionally crack, but they simply need to be lifted and replaced in order to repair the affected area.

Stamped concrete can be more of a slipping hazard, because it is a larger continuous slab with few joints incorporated to allow runoff. Paving stones, on the other hand, allow snow and rain to melt and drain away easily through the joints. Paving stones can shift and heave but this is generally due to being improperly installed or from unsettled ground.

Another point to consider is that stamped concrete takes longer after installation before the area can be used – generally about 3-5 days. Paving stones on the other hand are ready to go almost immediately after being laid and the polymeric sand is installed.

While there are many options for poured concrete with regards to patterns and colours, they are unrivalled by the options available in paving stones. Paving stones come in dozens of colours, textures, and size combinations. The ultimate decision comes down to the homeowners aesthetic preferences.